Thursday, 1 March 2012


After a long, gruelling 6 month process, it finally happened. Tuesday night, I FINALLY got accepted onto a summer internship programme!!! It is at this point where I officially present the celebratory clip art...

 There is a slight catch to it though. As you may have gathered from the title of this blog, this internship is based in California!!! I've been accepted onto an internship with AEG, which may be unpaid and will require me to find my accommodation, visa and pay for my flight (until they reimburse me), but still...IT’S IN LOS ANGELES!!!!! I'm going to be spending three months in LA completing the “AEG College Internship”. It is going to be worth university credits, as my programme leader for Business Management is piloting a new module for second year students going into their final year. It will be worth 30 credits, and it means I won’t have to take up an extra option next year!  Think of it this way- I’m going to be gaining credits while working in CALIFORNIA!!!! Can’t get much better right?!

I’m going to Miami this month! I have about 2 weeks to get my final submissions done, but I’m doing it all in good stride. I have also buried my debit card in the black hole known as my bedroom so that I can have enough to go to both Miami AND Los Angeles! No more spending for me. I have an audition for the television show The Chase on Sunday, and if I get on and win money, I can actually afford to go and have change to spare! If that fails, I have my applications for Million Pound Drop, Deal or No Deal, or my many competition entries for ITV morning shows to fall back on. One needs to work...


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  1. Hi shirleigh
    i would like to know if you could give some advice on how to get a placement abroad as you did. I am also a university of greenwich student and was given your blog as a reference of a student who got a placement abroad. i would be very greatful if you could tell me at least the first steps as i feel there is a lack of guidance regarding this topic on our uni. my email is
    please contact me

    many thanks and good luck with the preparations for your trip :)