Friday, 17 February 2012

Wir Lieben Schadenfreude!

For all the Germans that read my blog, you’re probably wondering why I am loving a subject that involves the pleasure of other people’s torture. I'm not psychotic- I am simply referring to my presentation that I did a couple of weeks ago, which was about schadenfreude’s presence in reality television. Our group got a 90- that’s just TEN marks off perfection! So of course I'm going to love the concept of schadenfreude, especially since it got me my first 90...EVER! I have to admit that pronouncing the word was hilarious. We used an online dictionary that pronounces the word to help our group out. I told my German friend, Jasmina, about learning a German word, and when I told her it was schadenfreude, she laughed her head off! I surely impressed with my vast grasp of the German language! :P

Now that the presentation is over, I’m finding myself swamped with work put it nicely, isn’t enjoyable. Did you know you can relate culture to FURNITURE? For a topic that I enjoy so much, my course leader managed to find a way to make it boring! I am also plowing my way through a Value Chain assignment which is 4000 words, but that’s going better than expected. MIS (Management of Information Systems) is driving me nuts with the amount of presentations we have to do alongside our individual report. A group presentation a week is making me go more crazy than what I was like in my last blog! My evidence for this is the fact that there was a PELICAN on my roof this morning. Yes...a PELICAN.

In addition to this, Frugal February is in full swing. I’m halfway through, but  I have been an incredibly good scrounger and not spent on anything other than travel...and a present for my sister. But otherwise, I’m doing well! I think I’ll have enough in time for Miami (once my mobile phone bill is paid). I found out that you can get money in such stupid ways. For example, on my website, I got asked if I wanted to advertise FoxyBingo.Com. Thinking it was spam, I initially ignored it, but then I found out you could get money for it. I decided to go for it to see what would happen, and I got $170 for subliminally advertising an online bingo company! Don’t believe me?

Talk about a result! That roughly translated to £105.45 for me to have for Miami. I will give a progress report at the end of the month, and hope that I have the $1400 that I need in order to go. Wish me luck!

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