Thursday, 19 January 2012

Happy Twenteenth!

Something big has happened since I last wrote a blog on here...I celebrated my birthday! It wasn’t just any birthday though...I celebrated my twenteenth birthday. I know you’re thinking I'm crazy, as twenteen isn’t a real age, but I am remaining adamant that it is. To be honest, I am the furthest thing from what a typical 20 year old is. I mean...I made up my own age just to show how much in denial I am! This blog is going to be somewhat of a celebration of many things going on in my life...

For one, I have an interview for an internship coming up! I am happy to say that someone did get in touch with me in regards to interviewing me, and I’m excited for it. I’ve been feeling down over the fact that I’ve not had responses to my applications, so to get one is something that has me upbeat about the future and what it could possibly entail.

I finally got to see “The Artist” on my birthday! For the past week, I have tried (and failed) to convince my friends and family to see this movie with me. Why? It is a black and white silent movie that is set in the 1920s. I even tried the “’s my birthday!” trick, but it failed. That was until my sister surprised me by getting us tickets to see it in the cinema. I suggest everyone watches the movie- don’t judge a movie by the poster. It deserves every award it earns. Plus...there’s a cute dog in the movie! You cannot deny a film with a dog that plays dead whenever they see or hear a gunshot. The dog is basically the PG equivalent to the monkey in “The Hangover 2”...that alone should entice you to see this movie. I bet you will enjoy the movie once you go and see it.

Another thing that I’m celebrating is the fact that my online business is making lots of progress! I’m not officially online yet, but I have been able to outline a strategy of what I am going to sell, and I’ve made some designs for my products. I call that progress, especially considering how hectic December has been for me J My trip to Miami is also becoming less of a stress now that the majority of it has been paid for. Unfortunately for me though, I discovered that there is a shop called “Cheesecake Factory”, which is set to throw my diet out of the window!

Well I managed to cram a lot into this blog. I hope you guys enjoyed what I had to say and the progress I’ve made towards the school year resolutions that I made back when I started writing a blog for the university. I shall end this blog with a photo of the present my friends got me for my birthday. This should justify why I am twenteen rather than twenty...

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