Thursday, 10 November 2011


Yes guys...I am going to be talking to you about Christmas. It may seem far far away, but in actual fact, it is only 47 days away. That’s right- 47. My dad asked me a serious question: “When do Christmas preparations start?”

For me, I get excited about now. As you can probably tell by my photo, I go with the Disney route in terms of Christmas. Here I am with Woody from the epic Toy Story movie series...and he’s wearing a Santa jacket! I went up to Oxford Street last weekend and it was already decorated to the nines. 

I guess...well, I hope, you’re wondering why I’m already getting giddy over the Christmas period when I have a LOT of assignments due at that time. I guess it’s keeping me sane to think of a goal to reach. Also...I HAVE MONEY!!! For the first time ever, I have money that I can use to spend on Christmas presents for me my family & friends. I’ve also decided to delve into the world of philanthropy, as I am donating money on a regular basis to the Make A Wish Foundation & World Wildlife Fund. 

Speaking of the WWF (no not WWE...I’ll save that for another blog), IT’S MY MUM’S BIRTHDAY TODAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM! Usually, I’m the one that gets the dull and boring presents for her, but this year, I stepped up! I adopted an orang-utan in my mum’s name, and I pay £3 a month for it! The look on my mum’s face was awesome- she didn’t see it coming and she started to tell everyone about what I got her. I felt particularly awesome if I may say so myself. If you want to join me in giving someone a wild animal for Christmas, click above. Just make sure that you make it known that you will NOT be travelling to the country where your animal is based to get the animal. My mum is currently looking for tickets to go to Borneo...

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